The History of Halloween - Why Do People Celebrate It In The UK?

History of Halloween
There are a lot of terms used for Halloween, like All Halloween, All Hallows, and All Saints Eve. It is the name of a celebration that is celebrated in various countries on 31 October. To feast is an essential eve of the Western Christian on the day of All Hallows. The main aim of the celebration is to remember the dead on this day. In the dead, all the saints, martyrs, and other faithful departures come. It is commonly observed that almost all the celebrations of Halloween day originated from the harvest festivals of Celtic. If you don’t have enough idea about Halloween day, today’s article by top history coursework writers is here for you. It will discuss the history of this day in detail. Along with this, it will also highlight why the western community celebrates this day.

History of Halloween

Halloween is an annual holiday that is celebrated on 31 October. It was first celebrated almost 2000 years ago in Ireland, the UK, and Northern France. The main aim of the celebration on this particular day is to mark the end of the summer and the beginning of the cold winter. Nowadays, this particular day is associated with the death of humans. On the night of 31 October, they believe that all the ghosts of the dead return to the earth. They also believe that the presence of these dead ghosts is helpful for the Celtic Priests. Its reason is that the Celtic Priests can easily make predictions about the future. With the help of these future predictions, they can get clear directions to spend the long journey of dark winter. From 1920, Halloween had become secular, and the people celebrated different kinds of featured entertainments. Between 1920 to 1950, the concept of trick-or-treating was also added to it.

Why Do People Celebrate Halloween in the UK?

As we have discussed earlier that first of all, Halloween is celebrated in Ireland, the UK, and the Northern areas of France. The most common reasons to celebrate Halloween in the UK are explained below;
  • The first reason to celebrate Halloween is to celebrate the Christian holiday of all the Hallows Eve. This is also followed by 1 November, which is celebrated as a day for all the saints.
  • In Great Britain, there are Jack-O-Lanterns. These lanterns are traditionally made from turnips. That’s why this day is also celebrated as a disappointment for the turnip farmers worldwide.
  • These Jack-O-Lantern traditions also originated from Celtic tales. Therefore, we can also say that these kinds of traditions are also celebrated in the remembrance of these Celtic tales.
  • One of the Guinness World Records is Pumpkin carving, which was done in bulk. There are also some Halloween enthusiasts who celebrate that day in remembrance of this kind of essential Guinness World Record.
  • Another solid reason to celebrate this particular day is the history of Trick or Treating. This is relevant to the walk of the children from one door to another door. In this historical walk, they prayed for the souls. This kind of essential event occurred in the 19th century.

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